Proposed new boundaries for Doral schools.

The community has a chance to voice their opinion until February 8th


By: María Alejandra Pulgar

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Susie V. Castillo, School Board Member for District 5, presented to the community the proposed boundaries for Doral schools that could take effect starting the school year 2019-2020. The recommendations presented are the product of the meetings that the Attendance Boundary Committee (ABC) of the School Board has been holding since last year.

Every year the ABC analyzes the population attending public schools and the present and future needs of the communities to determine the needs to redistribute population based on attendance boundaries or recommend building new schools.

In the past years, as new public schools were being built or projected for the Doral area, the ABC has been reviewing the boundaries of the schools in the community. For school year the schools targeted for potential attendance boundaries changes were Dr. Rolando Espinosa K-8 and John I. Smith K-8.

At the end of January, Ms. Castillo held the first of two meetings in Doral to give the community all information regarding the changes recommended by the ABC for both schools for the upcoming school year.

Changes on the attendance boundaries for all other public schools in Doral are not being considered for the school year 2019-2020.

Proposed boundaries for existing schools for 2019-2020

According to the information provided at the meetings, a new boundary for John I. Smith K-8 Center (JIS) and a temporary boundary for Dr. Rolando Espinosa K-8 Center (DRE) are suggested.

Students currently residing within the boundary of JIS, North of NW 58thstreet and East of NW 107thAvenue, will have the option of attending DRE or remain in their respective school. This idea will ensure families are not displaced or inconvenienced.  All new students moving into that area will be assigned to DRE.

The temporary area assigned to DRE for the school year 2019-2020 is defined as follows (see attached diagram, area C):

  • Begin west at Miami-Dade/Collier County Line and NW 202 Street
  • East to Okeechobee Canal/Road (US 27)
  • Southeast to SR 826/Palmetto Expressway
  • South to NW 58th Street
  • West to NW 114th Avenue
  • North to NW 62nd Terrace Extended
  • West to Miami-Dade/Collier County Line
  • North to NW 202nd Street, the point of beginning

Community members have a chance to voice their opinion regarding these attendance boundaries recommendations. They can do so in writing, to their respective school principal, by February 8that noon.

Their opinion will be provided to the ABC which will continue reviewing the proposals and recommendations. The School Board will approve the final recommendations on their June 19thmeeting.

Due to the expected increase in the population of the City of Doral, schools will continue being monitored and considered within the ABC process at least for the next two years, as new schools are planned to open, which will likely involve changes in attendance zones and students’ redistribution in the future. The community has to be aware of this process and participation is important to ensure all needs and expectations are met.

“In order to provide the best for our students, parent and community participation in our community meetings is vital. Keeping our parents well informed and involved will not only help yield better results in the classroom but positively impact the overall well-being of all Doral families. With the planned opening of two new schools in the City of Doral in the upcoming school years, it is important for the community to remain involved in the ABC process as we prepare for more changes in the future” concluded Ms. Castillo.

Any additional questions about the ABC process and its impact on Doral schools, can be sent to Ms. Castillo’s office through email at

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