SFLHCC held Installation and Golden Eagle Award Luncheon

DORAL, FL – The South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (SFLHCC) held its 30th Annual Installation and Golden Eagle Award Luncheon on May 3rd, 2024, at the Baltimore Hotel. 

It was a special lunch, as the presidency passed from Roland Sanchez-Medina Jr., who has served SFLHCC for the last 4 years as President of the Board of Directors, to incoming President José Pérez de Corcho. 

Roland has demonstrated an incomparable leadership and dedication to the community through his love and work ethic. During his tenure, he tirelessly promoted the interests of Hispanic businesses and fostered economic development.

Another reason why the event was one for the ages is the keynote address by Senator Rick Scott, whose commitment to public service is unmatched, and the presentation of the prestigious Golden Eagle Lifetime Achievement Award that this year was given to former Chairwoman of the Miami-Dade County Commissioner, Rebecca Sosa, in recognition of her exceptional contributions to the community.

This recognition underscores a career marked by an unwavering commitment to public service and the well-being of the community.

“It’s notable to consider the influence of Latin American immigrants in Miami. Many of the brightest and hardworking individuals from countries such as Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Colombia have chosen to make this city their home,” said Senator Scott during his intervention, while also noting that despite the challenges faced by immigrants in their home countries, they have brought “their energy and culture to enrich Miami.”

“Although traffic can be an inconvenience, the appeal of this city is undeniable. As we look around us, it’s evident that Miami has a unique appeal. People from all over the United States are attracted to the vibrant dynamics of this place. It is a testament to what has been built here collectively.”

But he also pointed out the significant challenges the United States is now facing that he hopes becomes an opportunity to “recognize the contributions of immigrants and the continued importance of unity and resilience to navigate these turbulent times.”

“Every aspect of our society, whether government or the justice system, plays a crucial role in shaping our future. Every election matter, and it is crucial that we fully engage in each one. We need to strive for better leadership. Let’s reflect for a moment: Do we believe our government is headed in the right direction? Reflecting on my own life, despite the difficulties, my mother instilled in me the belief that in America, anything is possible.”

Despite this, Senator Scott said he is concerned with the current state of things, because there are individuals who ignore the law and promote violence. “We must confront these problems head on and work to restore order and justice in our country. Thank you for your time.”

Honored Rebeca Sosa also took the chance to say a few words of gratitude upon receiving her award. “I want to express my gratitude to my family, my daughter who is here with me and my adopted daughter, Peggy, who is also here. Thank you so much. It has been a pleasure to serve the residents of Miami-Dade County for 42 years.”

In addition, Sosa mentioned the difficult times she has endured. “When I finally retired from Miami-Dade County Public Schools and the commission, I thought I would enjoy a wonderful time with my family. However, cancer came, and I was told I would not survive this type of cancer. I responded that neither they nor I knew that only God knew, and here we are. I want to tell you that I will continue to dedicate my time to fighting for the cause, and I always will. Also, I must congratulate you for so many years of recognizing wonderful people who have been here. This is very important. Thank you so much.”

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