Still looking for the right high school for your child? LBA Academy

Open House at LBA Academy



Still looking for the right high school for your child? Or, Concerned your youngster might get lost in the shuffle at a big school with 1000 students or more?  The LBA Academy might be the answer you’re looking for.

You still have time to enroll your child in this free and unique charter high school located at 11093 NW 138thSt., suite 207, in Hialeah Gardens. Enrollment is now open for grades 9ththrough 12th. Free transportation is also available.

LBA Academy is a special school on many levels. But don’t take our word for it. Come check out the school yourself at LBA’s next Open House Saturday, July 14, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., and again on Aug 4, same time.

This is a small school with big goals.

For starters, LBA Academy has fewer than 250 students, which gives teachers and staff the ability to learn each student’s name and pay close attention to their needs.

It’s a district-managed charter school that seeks to prepare future professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders in the construction industry and related fields, such as engineering, property management, real estate, mortgage banking and others. The goal is to prepare students for professional careers and motivates them to start their own businesses.

LBA Academy is the brainchild of the Latin Builders Association, the largest construction-related Hispanic group in the United States.

The Latin Builders launched the charter school six years ago, on a mission to develop and inspire the next generation of construction-related business leaders in South Florida. The school is the first known partnership between a professional organization and a public-school district (Miami-Dade).

The Academy offers a unique curriculum with core high school courses in construction management, marketing, and business fields. All instruction has a strong emphasis on technology.

Students get to learn in an intimate classroom setting that fosters learning and creativity.

The school has other benefits and perks.

Students can earn college credits at Miami Dade College through the school’s dual enrollment program. School hours are fexiible to give students time to work and get on-the-job training in the afternoons. The LBA’s goal this year is that every student be assigned an LBA mentor who can help guide and provide job opportunities for a young person through high school and even college.

“By the time a student walks out of LBA Academy, we want to make sure they’re not just walking out with a diploma and college placement,” said Michelle Pradere-Noriega, LBA Academy Chair. “But that they’re also walking out with the resources and skills to find a job.”

The goal is to prepare students to someday open and run their own businesses.

From day one, students are on a college track based on a curriculum that prepares them for advanced placement courses and dual enrollment courses at local universities.

Students have a chance to be mentored by business owners and professionals, affording them real life experiences and future employment opportunities.

The LBA also offers students ample networking opportunities, including trips to college campuses and to the association’s monthly luncheons.

The Academy offers students three academic tracks: Engineering & Construction Management, Entrepreneurship & Business, Management and Marketing. The school meets all Miami Dade public school requirements.

The school also offers scholarship opportunities through donations from LBA members and businesses. Several Academy graduates were awarded scholarships this year from Milner, Hotwire Communications and the Jose Milton Foundation, all LBA member companies.

If you can’t attend an Open House, don’t let that stop you. Parents or guardians interested in enrolling their children in LBA Academy should call the school at 305-822-8455 to schedule an appointment. They can also visit the school’s website at apply.

LBA Academy’s motto “Learning today, leading tomorrow” can become true for your child. Enroll today to make it happen.


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