There are TWO college fairs coming to a location near you!

Attention high school students!


By Dr. Belinda Leon, Senior Advisor with USP – University Scholar Program

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The USP College Fair & EduExpo, hosted by Mayor Christi Fraga of the City of Doral, is on February 10, 2024 and the NACAC National College Fair is on March 3, 2024 (both free)! Florida State University, University of Miami, and Nova Southeastern University will be in Doral for you! Be ready with your personal pitch and resume to make an impression quickly. This is the event where you can speak to college representatives to learn about their particular school and ask all your questions. To take advantage of these great opportunities, come up with a plan.

Prepare a one-page student resume to hand out to colleges that interest you. Your resume needs your contact information, GPA, and extra-curricular activities. Include any AP, AICE, IB, or honors courses you have taken or are enrolled in. Also, if you are in an academic program- for example, Cambridge, International Baccalaureate, or Dual Enrollment, be sure to state that on the resume. Put down anything that makes you shine and fits on one page! Very few students do this so having a student resume will make you really stand out.

Now, get there early! College fairs get packed, and they get LOUD. Your goal is to speak with the college representative for all the schools that interest you, ask your questions, and make a great impression. If there is a long line and it’s hard to hear, you won’t accomplish this. In Miami, a college fair will have the University of Miami, Florida State University, and University of Florida booths surrounded by dozens of students. These are the colleges you want to approach first if you are interested. Typically, a college fair will have a list of attending schools and maybe even a map- use it to plan out your strategy to see all of them. Visit the schools by priority because you might not be able to get to all of them.

Now that you have your target colleges list, write down your questions or save them on your phone. Don’t ask questions that can be found on the school website- ask questions specific to that school that will help you decide if you want to attend. Ask questions that will mold your essay to that school. Find out exactly what it takes to be accepted. Asking the right questions will show the Admissions representative that you are truly interested in the school, that you have done your research, and that you are student they would love to have on campus.

Most college fairs also have presentations available on topics such as filling out the Common Application, essay writing tips, test taking strategies, and applying for financial aid. These workshops are for both students and parents. In Miami, most of these sessions are offered in multiple languages. The information presented is extremely helpful so don’t miss out on this free guidance. Read the schedule to find the sessions that would be of most help to you.

After you meet with all the colleges on your list, take some time to look at the other schools present. Be open to different opportunities! You may discover a college you never considered yet you really like. You can eavesdrop on what college representatives are saying and it might interest you. College fairs pack in a lot of information, but if you go prepared with your list of colleges; questions to ask; and your resume- you will conquer.


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