Why Should You Engage in Community Service?



by Lhasa Posada


            I’m sure you’ve stumbled upon people cleaning up a beach or perhaps hosting a bake sale to raise money. Maybe you’ve seen others collect clothing donations or food cans for those in need. You might acknowledge how generous they are, but decide it might not be something for you. While it can be difficult to find time to volunteer, it’s important to remember that it is a very rewarding experience and a win for you and your community. Here’s how.

            The first thing you will begin to notice is the feeling of becoming “closer” to your community. These events, activities, and projects actually facilitate connections with people who share similar interests. It’s also a great way to spend time with your friends and make new ones. The entire experience can teach the importance of lending a hand. It can make a grand difference, even if it doesn’t seem that big at first. On the way home, you’ll feel content with the work you’ve done and have a sense of accomplishment.

But what’s especially convenient about community service is that you can seek opportunities based on what you like and feel comfortable doing. Are there any causes you’re passionate about? What skills can you bring to the table? Do you have any particular goals you would like to achieve? These are but a few of the many factors that go into looking for your volunteer opportunity.

In the long run, the experiences and hours you accumulate over time will look amazing on your applications and resumes. The truth is that it’s just as beneficial for you as it is for the cause you’re helping. There are numerous specialized scholarships based on outstanding student volunteer history. Volunteers are appreciated by many, as they demonstrate commitment to making their community a better place for its residents. Any form of volunteering you can do is a great help to your community and yourself – so, go out there and volunteer!


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