1st DDCUS Hispanic Heritage Food Festival

A food festival that made a mark in our community


By: Pietra Diwan

Photo Credit: Silvia Aronson


DORAL, FL –  The constant growing of Doral is bringing lots of retail, office buildings and entertainment, but above all, a young and beautiful community. Now, our city has one more reason to celebrate, and celebrate well, and the host of the party is Downtown Doral Charter Upper School.

Mrs. Jeannette Acevedo-Isenberg, Head of Downtown Doral Charter with Mr. Wilhelm Lapica, Principal at Downtown Doral Charter Upper School

The past October 19th, on the school grounds, as part of the commemorations of the Hispanic Heritage Month has realized a fundraising food festival, open to the public that brought together businesses and restaurants to integrate with the community. DDCUS guests also elected during a contest The Best Empanada of Doral!

Organized by the International Parents Association (IPO), the 1st DDCUS Hispanic Heritage Food Festival was designed as a trip around flavors of the world. Restaurants sponsors invited all guests to try their preparations in delicious portions. The restaurants sponsors are part of what Doral has the best. Start with starters, Waka Moli served a delicious fresh guacamole to visitors. Among the Latin restaurants, the exceptional food from Hecho a Mano, Metropol and Avotaco. As we adore European cuisine, the Italians: Novecento, Divieto and Piola filled the place with wonderful flavors. With a touch of street food, the bowl prepared by Pincho was the happiness of children and healthy eaters. Finally, for a very good taste of the American Gourmet BBQ, the smoked salmon of Chef Carlos were unforgettable.

The event didn’t stopped there. It was served four different types of desserts to chose from. The Latin classic tres leches, from Tres Leches Factory; the vegan, delicious and always adorable mini cupcakes from Bunnie Cakes; the pure indulgence from Sloan’s warm cookies, and the refreshing and most creamy ice cream of the town from Brain Freeze.

During the event, a competition that brought together Los Macheticos, Los Roques, Central Park and Bunnie Cakes voted for the best empanada of Doral. The winner based on the votes of 200 guests was Central Park! I suggest a visit to all these places to try it and make your own decision!

Besides the awesome food, the event brought entertainment for children and several local businesses that support our community with extra-curricular activities for students and several types of services  for the whole family.

Above all, the Saturday afternoon of October 19th was a milestone in Doral because it made a mark on our town and opening a window of opportunity for the whole community for the following years. Doral is a vibrant place that stands by itself. Our community is strong enough to create and keep our events interesting and attractive to several populations. We are very excited to the next year – due to the large success this year – bring more businesses to support our community and enjoy what Doral has of the best. A strong and united community.




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