A musical night to remember!


by Lucy Gonzalez



Music festivals and shows are loads of fun, and it’s special to be able to experience it with others who also enjoy the music. As the pandemic slows down and venues reopen – musicians are hitting the road and music fans are eager to see them.

At a concert, colored lights move across the walls and people surround you from all sides. The speakers are large, pushing the beats all the way to the back of the venue and in front of you. One of your favorite artists is center stage, belting out a signature song. The atmosphere is amazing. You can feel the positive energy beaming from others and can feel the shared love for music.

“This is one of the best nights ever!

Fans are screaming, everyone is smiling, and everyone is dancing – even the parents or siblings who were “dragged along” as chaperones. Going to a concert is special and breathtaking- quite literally. Sometimes you’re screaming so hard you have to take a moment to breathe.

Live music concerts are a once in a lifetime experience. Usually, an artist goes on tour for a specific album or body of work and that is the time to see them live. Sometimes, you will find yourself waiting in line just to get in the event, and you can even have fun before the show begins. Making new friends with other fans in line and singing along to your favorite songs are memories you will keep forever. Once you’ve reached the gate and scanned your tickets, more fun has begun.

In the crowds, everyone is there for the same purpose: to enjoy the music. The band is setting up and playing some intro music and every time they start to play, you hear the shouts of the fans fill the room.

Will your favorite singer make their way to the stage or… is their band just warming up their tunes for the show? Fans in the crowd start to chant the musician’s name and increase your excitement. When will they come to the stage? It seems like forever, but then, the lights shine, the fans scream and the best part of the night has arrived!

If you’re ever on the fence about attending a concert because you’re not sure if you’ll get another chance to see this band, buy that ticket and go!


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