Alberto Carvalho is expected to be M-DCPS superintendent until Feb. 3

DORAL, FL – Alberto Carvalho is expected to serve as Miami-Dade Schools superintendent until Feb. 3 while the School Board begins the search for his replacement.

On a special meeting held by the board on Wednesday, members discussed everything related to the position that currently remains vacant, and there are no plans of positioning an interim superintendent in the next few weeks before Carvalho leaves.

The process to hire the new superintendent has been criticized by some board members who see it rather fast given the highly demanding nature of the job.

“It’s a sham,” School Board member Marta Perez, who has also taken part in the selection process of previous superintendents, said when referring to how quickly things are moving. She states some on the board may already have someone in mind.

However, other members consider the hiring process shouldn’t be delayed. “It’s a process that we, unfortunately, cannot drag out…the truth is we will never ever find another Alberto Carvalho,” Lubby Navarro said.

“Having an opportunity to open up that window, to see who’s out there … to see who’s actually interested,” School Board member Steve Gallon III added. “We could have a number of individuals within this district right now.”

On the other hand, Karla Hernadez-Mats, president of the United Teachers of Dade, organization that has already put out a survey to understand what type of person they want, is also inclined to speeding things up.

“It is going to be quick. It is going to be intense…I think that as long as people know what is happening, and obviously they are being transparent, that is going to have to be very necessary.”

Meanwhile, the requirements for the job include experience as a classroom teacher, principal and administrator, a masters degree, although a doctorate is preferred, and an understanding of South Florida’s diverse community and the needs of local students. The application process for the job is now open.

Alberto Carvalho informed on Dec. 9 to the school board that he would leave Miami-Dade Public Schools after 14 years of work to serve in Los Angeles School District where he is expected to start as a superintendent on March 1.

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  • I am sorry to see a person go who has been clean AND an outsider in a city so devoured by cronyism and nepotism Banana Republic style.

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