Animal Adoption: The Only Choice!

Animal Adoption: The Only Choice!

by Lhasa Posada


Oftentimes, life has its unexpected twists. This was something I never expected to learn when I was looking to adopt my first dog.

The strong scent of rescue animals overwhelmed my senses each time I took the first step inside. The local shelter was a place I visited nearly every day in the summer, and although it was intolerable to most, the smell became something I genuinely looked forward to. Stored firmly in my mind was the picture of the dream dog I was desperately in search of: an adorable, small male cloud of white fluff.

However, a great majority of the dogs up for adoption were the polar opposite. Muscular, tougher, bigger dogs filled up most of the cages instead. Discouragement inched closer each time I spotted a cute dog that had already been taken by someone else. Yet, that feeling meant very little to my eleven-year-old self. I knew I would soon find the dog I had always wanted.

Luna never barks— except for when the bigger dogs approach her. She doesn’t feel as threatened by the tiny ones. She is playful, sweet, and twice the dog I thought I’d have. Her black coat and white belly gave her the name, since it reminded me of the contrast between the moon and the night sky. Luna’s adoption taught me that all the planning in the world could never stop life from taking its own route.

I am a planner and I may always be one. I can only be grateful for this approach to life because it led me to the dog I always wanted. People don’t lie when they say life works in mysterious ways.

If you are interested in pet adoption, contact your local animal shelter.


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