Rest is the new not-stressed


By Lucy Gonzalez


As a teen, the question of “do I get enough sleep” is a lingering statement that haunts me. When I was a child, it was so easy to get rest. But, today, that’s not the case.

Teens like me hope that a few hours of sleep will carry them through the day. But, more often than not, that rarely works out.

Sometimes, teens think “the less sleep I get the more awake I am in the morning!” Unfortunately, unlike Katy Perry, teens are in fact not “wide-awake”. Although it seems like little rest is par for the course of being a student, the reality is that it isn’t!

For most teens, long nights of homework, active responsibilities, and other distractions keep a restful night on hold. Nothing is worse than being in class, trying to focus on an assignment, but unable to do so because of fatigue.

Although teens do have a lot to juggle, it’s important to prioritize homework assignments. If a social activity is on the calendar, consider getting the non-negotiable assignments and responsibilities out of the way first. Doing so will free up time to participate with friends and family in future activities and get much needed rest. Putting the phone away a few hours before sleeping is another helpful tactic. Blue light rays from electronic devices have proven to affect sleep, keeping people awake and unable to get R.E.M. sleep.

Fortunately, being tired every single morning for school or work isn’t a long-term contract adolescents have to sign. If they focus on minimizing those distractions, teens can live healthier and more productive lives, because eye bags don’t look good on teens either!



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