Being Informed Strengthens Your Vote.

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Election Day will be held in the United States on November 3, although many U.S. citizens will use the Early vote dates or vote by mail.

Before going to vote, you should get informed about the needs and wishes that you have, once you know this, you must research about both parties and their proposals in order to define which if the best option for you, the option that will determine the changes that you search for, for both your community and for the overall situation of our country.

Voting is a right! To exercise your vote is an important and necessary step that can make a difference. Voting gives you the opportunity to make yourself heard and to express your opinions, suggestions, and those things with which you do not agree. Voting is one of the most important decisions a citizen has, it is for this reason that you must be aware of the enormous responsibility you have when exercising your vote.

Some voters who have already decided who they are going to vote for defend and even fight for their position, but if they are asked a little bit more in-depth about the candidates’ proposals, they often do not know what to respond. This happens because they often get carried away by fanaticism; they believe what they hear on the street or what their friends tell them, they repeat the information without even knowing if the information they are repeating is credible.

Today, in the face of a country divided by and confronted with lies, fear, and chaos, it is essential to be informed, to research, to learn, and listen objectively to the proposals of all the candidates who are running in the next elections and to know if the ideas and proposals offered by each party or candidate are appropriate to your expectations for the future, and not just to listen to the candidate that you like the most or that seems more charismatic.

This will allow you to analyze postures, discuss your point of view, express your disagreements without fear, and most importantly, consciously choose the person who will represent you and work for you and the country.

Consider researching the past of the candidates in their platform and in social media. This will allow you to learn more about their profile, to learn if they have worked with the community, and if they are able to fulfill their proposals.

Most media (TV, radio, and both digital and printed newspapers) often publish voter guides and interviews with candidates; there are also organizations dedicated to specific topics on bills that have been introduced in the ballot. These are specific measures that you can approve or reject.

If you choose not to vote, other people will decide the election for you, at the risk of those who vote defending their own interests and views, and not necessarily those that you have in mind. 


Don’t allow apathy and misinformation to be what decides your future. There is nothing more important to a country’s democracy than an informed populace.


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