Cano Health opens new pharmacy center in Doral

DORAL, FL – Cano Health inaugurates its new pharmacy center in Doral, marking a new phase with 27,000 square feet of land and 8,000 square feet of construction.

During the Thanksgiving celebration for employees, Doral Family Journal was invited to a tour along with Mayor Christi Fraga and Councilman Rafael Pineyro.

Jennifer Llanes, Vice President of Pharmacy, Sandra Ochoa, Vice President of Member Engagement, Noelia Pérez, Senior Project Manager, Eleana Canelon, Member Engagement Manager, and their centers’ engagement team were present at the event.

Cano Health, specialized in primary healthcare for older adults and populations with special needs, aims to improve the quality of life for its patients. Jennifer Llanes, Vice President of Pharmacy, explained that with an investment of approximately 4 million dollars, this new project centralizes the work of four simultaneous pharmacies. With the implementation of robotic technology, the pharmacy center can prepare over 4,000 prescriptions daily and, with two shifts, reach 8,000 for the over 300,000 members in Florida.

The processing and distribution center will start operating with about 40 employees by mid-December. Mayor Christi Fraga and Councilman Rafael Pineyro expressed their gratitude and surprise at this technological advancement in the City of Doral.

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