Doral received 14 plus inches of rainfall last night, drive carefully

DORAL, FL – Last night, the City of Doral received 14 plus inches of rainfall during a 24-hour window. This event saturated all systems on the streets, although according to the local government, this time the water is draining at a fast pace. Authorities urge people to drive carefully. 

“We have been working since 5:00 a.m. touring the most affected areas and placing trucks with Public Works pumps on the main streets, especially in the 79th Avenue area, which I have identified as a road that needs immediate investment,” Doral Mayor, Christi Fraga, said to Doral Family Journal. 

“This area has improved a lot due to the projects we have done, but today people will see floods because of the extensive and unusual amount of rain it fell. However, it should be highlighted that in the past, the water got stuck on the streets for more extended periods of time than what we’re seeing today. We know this is not a perfect situation but compared with the rest of the county, things are going well,” the mayor explains. 

According to Fraga, as of right now, more than 40% of the water has been drained and the city continues joining efforts with South Florida Water Management District in order to open canals so that the water flows towards the east. 

The most affected areas where there is heavier traffic are 79th Avenue, which should be avoided by drivers as much as possible, up until 87th Ave. between 53 and 58 streets. “Today we are assessing what areas need more infrastructure investment for the future, but tomorrow things will return to normal in most of them, except for a few sections where there will still be floods.”

In the meantime, people are urged to drive carefully, plan ahead of time their routes and destination and follow instructions by the police officers on the road to avoid further traffic complications or accidents. “If you don’t need to drive today, abstain from doing so. Today is a good day to stay home,” the mayor advises. 

If you need to report a power outage due to the heavy rainfall, please click here.


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