Do you struggle with parking in Doral? The City wants to hear you out!

DORAL, FL – Yes, parking in Doral is sometimes challenging for multiple reasons. Some residents feel it’s hard to find an available spot at certain hours of the day, while others are tired of people who break parking regulations or of the lack of space to park in some places that just get packed without control.

Whatever your main concern is, if you have something to say about parking in Doral and you also have great ideas to solve this issue, the City of Doral wants to hear you out!

In a two-hours session called ‘Let’s Talk parking. Join the conversation!’, the City wants to know your thoughts and ideas as they develop the policies and regulations for the City’s Parking Ordinance that is now in process after the Citywide Parking Study was approved.

Make a space in your calendar on Wednesday, February 19th, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Doral Government Center, Council Chambers – 8401 NW 53rd Terrace, Doral, FL 33166.

The City’s Parking Ordinance has been in the horizon for some time as the City’s Public Work Department had previously identified some issues with parking such as the unrestricted time to park, which causes less vehicle turnover; the little availability of parking spots in shopping centers or in some churches, just to name a few.

These concerns, and many others, have been gathered in the Citywide Parking Study that was presented last year to the Mayor and the Doral Council with several proposals to find a solution that works best for residents and visitors. 

Back then, the Department was questioning what measures to put in place such as enabling parking meters, building public garages controlled by the City, banning parking in warehouse areas or granting parking decals in surrounding public areas to residents who lack space for parking inside their complexes.

For more information on this event, please contact or call 305-593-6740.

3 thoughts on “Do you struggle with parking in Doral? The City wants to hear you out!

  • Doral simply has a lot of people and the numbers continue to sky rocket . All the parking changes in the world will only be a drop in the bucket .

    I wonder how many times over the city has illegally exceeded the occupancy limit it is supposed to have as more and more dwellings go up with the blessing of the incumbent politicians .

    Many of these FPL transformers are working at maxed capacity which explains brown outs during the summer . The politicians look the other way .

  • My parking issues are at downtown Doral with the private company used for parking. Many times my husband and I try to scan the code to pay for parking and it doesn’t work. Now the only credit card number I use for parking payment has been stolen and used. I believe it is from the same company. When my phone’s battery ran out I was unable to pay for parking during a dental visit and if you can imagine there is no other option. So, you have to have a phone to pay for parking which is ridiculous. They need self standing parking stations throughout the area. If your phone’s battery dies, you are SOL!

  • I completely agree with this comment about having to pay for parking every where you go in this city now. The downtown Doral parking is the worst. You have to pay to park to go to restaurants and enjoy downtown Doral and all it has to offer. Isn’t it enough that we are patronizing our local businesses. Why the excessive parking rates and now I’m hearing rumors that Doral is thinking about about putting metered parking even on the streets. What is the point of this? This isn’t Brickell, or Coral gables, it’s why we decided to live here. If we wanted the high life we would go live over there.

    These private parking companies are coming and signing contracts and jacking up prices. I just don’t get the point. People are already struggling in the economy and now you’re trying to bleed more money out of them?

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