Doral International Art Fair returns with great news

By: Diana Bello Aristizábal

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The cultural encounter that last year brought together the work of more than 20 galleries and more than 120 artists will return for its second edition from Nov. 7-10, 2024, at the Doral Cultural Arts Center. Under a multicultural and multiformat proposal, visitors will see different artistic expressions such as paintings, sculptures or visual art projects made by creators of diverse backgrounds.


The Doral International Art Fair (DIAF) is designed to serve as an artistic, cultural, educational and commercial platform on the basis that art can foster conversations. “Art is an expression of different elements that build a society. It can be an expression of peace or social coexistence, for example, because an artist is always conveying a message through their work,” Dr. Jesús Alberto Fuenmayor, DIAF’s Executive Director, explains.  


Regarding the educational component, the art fair will have a theme agenda with talks and workshops on the artistic world in which topics such as art collection or curating will be addressed to instill a critical, analytical and reflective mindset in visitors around the topics exposed.


The interesting part about this component is that it will not only be targeted towards adults but also to children, as a space will be provided so that they can join art interaction activities with the purpose of awakening curiosity and artistic sensitivity in them as well as provide a tool to connect with their emotions.


From a commercial perspective, according to Dr. Fuenmayor, the goal is for those who visit DIAF to also learn about the restaurants, hotels and tourist spots City of Doral has, aiming to boost its economy.


“Big cities grow with social investment and part of social investment is pumping culture, education, knowledge and values, which we are doing through art. We want Doral to become a relevant host so that any gallery in the world can express, through emerging and established artists, projects of value,” he points out.


Multiculturalism as a transversal axis

The second edition of the DIAF, approved at the City Council by Mayor Christi Fraga, Vice Mayor Oscar Puig-Corve and Councilmembers Digna Cabral, Maureen Porras and Rafael Pineyro, will have multiculturalism as its transversal axis.


“Doral is a multicultural city because Ecuadorians, Colombians, Venezuelans, Mexicans and American citizens converge there, among other nationalities. Sometimes while coexisting together, cultural noise can arise, of any kind. Art can appease that,” the executive director says.


In this sense, the work of more than 100 artists, coming from more than 30 galleries of different parts of the world and of the United States, that the DIAF is expected to receive this year, will serve to create connection among attendees through art pieces in which all of us, regardless of our origin, can see ourselves represented by due to the message they communicate. For example, a work that reflects what it means to be an immigrant.


“One of the first galleries to register for this year’s fair is from Houston. Bringing a proposal from Houston to Doral is very important to us. We want art galleries from anywhere in the world participating in this, as well as to gather visitors from sister cities such as Sweetwater, Fontainebleau, Miami Lakes, Aventura or North Miami,” Dr. Fuenmayor says.


At the time of going to press, around fifteen galleries from countries such as Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina and very possibly Mexico, although negotiations were still being made with that country at that moment, had confirmed their participation.  


In terms of styles, techniques and themes, works of contemporary art, Latin American art and digital art, due to the great influence technology has nowadays in all areas of life, among others, will be exhibited. They are made by both experienced and emerging artists. “We will seek to cover different periods of time, from the historical avant-garde to contemporary art.”


But, in addition, there will be live performances, a recreation area to relax and enjoy the beauty of art, book presentations and a special recognition to two people who have had a great cultural influence in the region: Ella Fontanals-Cisneros and Sofía Imber.


The first will be honored for her commitment to the promotion of Latin American culture, while the second, a prominent journalist and culture advocate, will receive a tribute in commemoration of her centennial.  


The DIAF will be open from noon to 8:00 p.m. free of charge to the public. Those interested in attending must save their tickets at Ticket Place in the following link:


To participate as a gallery (individual artist registrations are not accepted) you must send an email to Registration will be open until July 31. For more information, visit



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