Doral is ready for Dorian

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DORAL, FL – City of Doral authorities spoke to the press this Thursday morning from the Emergency Operations Center of the Police to share with Doral residents what they are doing in the face of hurricane Dorian.

It should be noted that to this day there is no certainty about the exact point of Florida at which Dorian would impact, although the first hypotheses point towards the center of the state.

Keep in mind that the error margin is between 35 and 45 percent and that the force with which it touches earth will depend on the temperature of the water.

Juan Carlos Bermudez

According to the latest reports, Dorian could arrive as a category 4 hurricane in Florida when it is between 200 and 600 miles away from the coast, and if the water temperature is high enough.

For this reason, it is very important to be prepared at all times to avoid having difficulties, as confirmed by Mayor Juan Carlos Bermúdez and the spokesman for the Police, Rey Valdes.

“We are ready for Dorian, and already had the first meeting with all our departments to talk about how to prepare our residents and businesses. Rest assured, we are working for everyone’s safety”, said the Mayor.

In this line, the Mayor asks all residents to follow the guidelines on water, gas and food supply, as well as constantly monitor the information posted about the hurricane to learn what position Dorian is taking.

In this regard, the Mayor was firm in declaring the preparation must begin now, not on Saturday or Sunday, as the winds are expected to arrive in South Florida on Saturday night.

“This is a very dynamic situation because Dorian is changing all the time, we don’t know if it is going towards the south or north. Buying canned food in case the electricity goes out is one of the things residents can do, ”says the Mayor.

In addition, he confirmed that tomorrow, Friday, August 30, more information on the topic will be released as every day there’s more data about Dorian’s direction.

On the other hand, the Mayor explained that although in past hurricanes, such as María and Irma, the city was very well prepared, today we have the Police Emergency Center and representatives of important companies as FPL that will work hard to support Doral in everything.

A vast majority of members of the Doral Police Department and City Hall employees will also be involved this season, especially those who work in the most relevant departments such as Public Works.

In addition, supermarkets such as Publix and Winn Dixie, and gas stations will also work hand-in-hand with the Mayor and the Police, as it happened in the first hurricane seasons that Doral had as a city when was one of the first cities of the county to insist on having generators.

“Our plan is to talk to gas stations and supermarkets alike to have more knowledge on ‘who has what’ and communicate it to our residents,” said the Mayor

For this reason, he insisted on keeping track of the information that comes out of Dorian, something in which Rey Valdes, spokesman for the Doral Police, agreed.

“Instead of panicking, inform yourself through the Doral City website, the media and the new information line that the city has opened (Doral Hurricane Hotline). This line will be available 24 hours a day to answer any questions people may have, ”said Valdes.

To have access to this line, call 786-871-1465. By calling this number, residents would be able to learn about Dorian’s development and the operational plans that are being carried out by the authorities in order to respond to the different contingencies that arise.

“This storm has to be taken seriously, it is not a game. We are constantly making internal adjustments to adapt to its development, ”concluded the police spokesman.

General recommendations to receive Dorian

– Keep in mind that you will be vulnerable not only if you live near the beach, but also if you are near a canal or any other body of water, which is why everyone must be aware of the areas that need to be evacuated according to the National Hurricane Center, and the National Weather Service.

– Find an evacuation route previously, and the out-of-state contact point, such as a relative or friend so that all family members can communicate in case they lose track of each other.

– Make proper arrangements for your pets. This involves having copies of vaccines information, buying enough food for them and identifying Pet-Friendly Evacuation Centers (PFEC), by calling 311 line.

– If you or a member of your family has special needs, make proper arrangements and get in contact with the Emergency & Evacuation Assistance Program (EEAP) by calling 311.

– Do not go outside during the storm even if it seems like the situation has returned to normal. You have to stay inside the evacuation centers or homes until it is indicated that the storm has officially passed.


2 thoughts on “Doral is ready for Dorian

  • One thing I would like to see in Miami are generator , police manned shelters for elderly and disabled . The police assigned have their immediate family with them ( if they want).

    A shelter that wont lose A/C , at least giant fans and refrigeration units where elderly can go a day or two before storm hits . Be it school gyms , etc .

    My grandmother and her cousin went to California 2 days ago to stay with one of my sisters till this passes because days without A/C is brutal for them . So my aunts had to force her to go .

    Many aren’t lucky enough to be able to do this and elderly , disabled people need such shelters .

    I hope I’m wrong but it is possible that hurricanes are now going to be a yearly occurrence due to slight increase in ocean temp and these shelters will go a long way .

  • Let me add that pre-hurricane season tree trimming which like much of basic city maintenance by all the assorted Miami Mayors is ignored would have been nice .

    Plenty of tree’s over hanging power lines and so top heavy that they would come down on the street with high winds .

    Then again most voters here reward bad behavior , such as local politicos who are negligent in their duties so why should these assorted Miami Mayors care .

    Am I wrong ?

    Have the tree’s on the roads you take been trimmed ?

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