Doral Police Department provides Public Safety tips during COVID-19

DORAL, FL – Doral Police Department in conjunction with its officers and personnel, wish to send a very important message to Doral neighbors regarding public safety tips during COVID-19.

The following brief has the purpose of reassuring the community that the Department is patrolling the City of Doral with more officers on the streets, offer assistance with any needs that arise and provide crime prevention tips related to COVID 19.

Doral Police Department Message

We are concentrating on both, our residents, as well as our business community. We have heightened our visibility even more, to ensure your safety and address all of your concerns. The officers remain vigilant, and are following the emergency orders in place.

Please do not hesitate to call the police at our Non-emergency number (305)476-5423-305POLICE should you see anything or anyone suspicious or to report anyone or any incident that is not adhering to the emergency orders that are in place right now.

A few reminders

Crime Prevention Tips

During these difficult and challenging times, criminals prey on these opportunities to benefit themselves and make potential COVID-19 related scams.

  • No one should be going door to door for any reason, not to solicit, offer assistance in applying for relief, testing or for the Census. Please listen to the news for up-to-date information. Please call us right away if someone is knocking at your door for any of these reasons.
  • Please do not provide any personal information when you receive a phone call or email.

Below is the link for the Federal Trade Commission providing additional information on potential scams:

We want to ensure that residents at a higher risk of becoming ill due to COVID 19, follow the “Safer at Home” order in place. If you know of anyone that needs assistance at home do not hesitate to contact us (305)4765423. We will gladly follow up.

Media has provided shopping hours for the elderly at Publix stores, Walmart and other venues. Please reach to the Doral Police should you need any type of assistance or know someone that does. We are not only here to protect, but we are also here to serve and help.

One thought on “Doral Police Department provides Public Safety tips during COVID-19

  • I work at night outside of Doral ( live in Doral ) and have never seen so much police patrolling in last 2 weeks to now be it Doral or outside of Doral .

    A huge plus is that the last thing anyone needs now is to be hit by a crazed driver and though less drivers out now , I have not seen any drivers driving like depraved savages because they know police are out there .

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