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Seize your Summer

by Lucy Gonzalez


Although we might not have 104 days of school left like Phineas and Ferb, summer break is around the corner, and the annual problem of finding a good way to spend it is quickly approaching. As our testing crunch time begins to smooth out and we move past our end-of-year exams, the chatter of summer plans can be heard almost anywhere. For adults, the summer is a time to enjoy time with kids while maintaining them occupied and out of trouble. As their young children grow up and become more independent, they have the opportunity to participate in adventures and experiences.

For teens, the summer is a huge blank slot on the agenda to have fun and not think about school. Maybe you are interested in traveling, vacationing, or simply exploring outside the bounds of your city. You might even want to stay away from air travel and keep your activity local by visiting new places in your town like shops and other popular attractions. It is about that time in the school year where the anatomy of a pina colada sounds way more interesting than the anatomy of a squid.

The summer is a great time to be active as well, so outdoor activities like playing a sport at a park or going in the water – beach or pool – might be a good way to spend time while also enjoying the sunny weather. Along with getting vitamin D and a nice glow, you might want to take the time to be more active and work on your health. With your free schedule outside of school, it will be easier for you to meet up with your workout buddies, exercise more often, or start small by creating better eating habits.

This summer might be the time to make some of your own money and take on some responsibility, like getting a summer job. As the school year ends, now is the perfect time to start looking into possible job options and signing up for a position. Having a job as a teen is a great way to learn skills for your future career while getting benefits like discounts and extra spending money for your summer outings. And with a new job at hand, you will need some sort of transportation, so maybe this summer you will apply for your driver’s permit course online or take your test to be able to drive yourself to work! Of course, though, working during the summer might not be the best fit for you due to the job’s rigid schedule and how it might interfere with your other plans.

If you are still interested in working in the community, collecting your community service hours can be time well spent. Volunteering your time with local organizations and helping others is enjoyable and can lead back to other opportunities, like future jobs or internships. Interning is a beneficial option that can take up your summer and give you insight into a career you want to pursue. There are so many businesses teens can go to and shadow mentors. Internships on your resume can in turn help your college applications.

So, there are many options when it comes to staying busy during this summer, but staying safe and healthy in times like these are of utmost importance. Maybe taking on a hobby like many of us did in quarantine is just right for you. Whether it’s starting your own small business, creating a podcast or YouTube channel, this summer is your time to shine, so seize your summer!


Doral Summer Living

by Lhasa Posada


When you take a look at the world, what do you see? A condensed, mellow sight of interconnected people, ideas, and movement? Or a harsh thunderstorm in the form of a planet? I’m not here to tell you what you should see. There simply isn’t a right answer. Nonetheless, I want to remind you of something: the world doesn’t choose to be the way it is — that’s up to you.

I know looking on the bright side can be tough. It isn’t just us as individuals who find ourselves in difficult positions. Different places around the world struggle too. This year has been defined by the unforeseen consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Confusion and adversity have been ongoing themes on a global scale. So, reinvention, optimism, and gratitude have been utilized to make the best of this time.

In the City of Doral, people and local businesses have actively made the best out of the pandemic. Downtown Doral is blooming with life. The numerous spots scattered across the city welcome you with open arms. If one thing’s for sure, it’s that shopping, dining, and events haven’t been interrupted. In fact, I’m sure they’ve done the complete opposite. A simple drive around Doral will introduce you to various things to do. Now is the time to take your friends to the park, have a picnic, hear live music for free, enjoy your favorite eateries and retailers because summer is finally here!

That means no more waking up early, last-minute studying, or piles of schoolwork waiting for you at home. Monday through Friday merges into the weekend and for about three months, what you do every day is up to you. It would be a shame to not take advantage of this time you have for yourself and those you love.


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