FDA recommends Moderna’s vaccine booster shot, J&J is in discussion

DORAL, FL – Moderna’s vaccine booster shot was recommended by an FDA panel that agreed Americans who received the first dose, consisting of two 100-microgram shots, at least six months ago should get a half-dose booster, which represents a single 50-migrogram shot.

The advise is aimed at seniors and younger adults with other health problems, jobs or living situations that put them at increased risk from COVID-19.

As for the rest of the population, experts have not found evidence that suggest the booster is needed for everyone.

“I don’t really see a need for a ‘let it rip’ campaign for everyone,” said Dr. Michael Kurilla of the National Institutes of Health, reports the AP.

This applies also to the Pfizer vaccine authorized last month for a booster in those who received the initial shots at least six months ago and that are under high-risk. 

A J&J booster shot, however, is being discussed today by the Food and Drug Administration’s vaccines advisory committee that will make a final decision on who should get the booster shot and when during a two-day meeting.

In addition, the FDA is also evaluating when and who should get the Moderna’s vaccine booster shot in the case of those vaccinated earlier this year.

Although there isn’t strong evidence or consensus about the need for a booster, a study of 344 people found a six-month booster shot restored virus-fighting antibodies to levels thought to be protective. Regardless of this, the study was considered to be small and only about half of those people got the exact series of doses that would be offered under a Moderna booster campaign.

“The data itself is not strong but it is certainly going in the direction that is supportive of this vote,” said Dr. Patrick Moore of the University of Pittsburgh to the AP.


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