Miami-Dade Commission will consider new sites for Covanta

DORAL, FL – In recent weeks, Doral residents have suffered the consequences of a fire that hit the Covanta Waste-to-Energy Plant in Feb. 12. Today, now that the fire is out, it was decided to rescind the resolution to build a new processing plant in Doral.

At a meeting held on Tuesday, March 7th, Commissioner Juan Carlos Bermudez was granted the approval to reverse the decision made last July when the County Commission voted to build a new plant close to the one that already exists.

Commissioner JC Bermudez, who represents District 12 which includes Doral, stated the plans approved before were set in motion before he got in office and now he wants to re-open the discussion.

“I, obviously, am impacted by this as much as anyone else personally so I’ve always felt there has to be consideration of other potential sites,” said Bermudez, who lives close to the plant.

Covanta has caused an enormous impact in Doral residents that have complained vigorously over the years about having a garbage disposal facility expeling a terrible odor within the city in an area where a lot of families move around.

For this reason, during the meeting residents, activists and elected officials were present asking for a change in plans for a new Covanta waste treatment facility.

In the face of this,  in 90 days a new report conducted by Miami-Dade County will open the discussion for other places. 

One thought on “Miami-Dade Commission will consider new sites for Covanta

  • Covanta is all over the USA and seems to be same as here as far as areas where there aren’t homes its fine and areas with homes they want them out .

    I think it is a great idea as far as burning trash to get energy but if this plant is moved and few years from now there are houses being built all around it since in Miami developers OWN the Commissioners then things are back to the same.

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