Sergio’s Restaurants Mission to Take Cuban Food to Mars


Miami, FL — Miami’s most loved Cuban restaurant chain, is proud to announce they will become the first minority women owned restaurant to provide Hispanic Space Food to Mars. Carlos Gazitua, CEO for Sergio’s, has accelerated the companies online digital presence during the pandemic selling thru Goldbelly and becoming the first Cuban restaurant in QVC. Gazitua views Space food as the next frontier.

The first human mission to Mars is expected by 2026. Elon Musk has projected Mars to be inhabited with close to a million people by 2050. “Our astronauts will need food and we are working with our vendors to have the technology to provide Hispanic food for these missions”, Gazitua said. “Our first priority is to be able to transport our homemade grown products like croquetas, empanadas, and sweet plantains to Mars.

Nevertheless, the most practical strategy for long stays on Mars involves living off resources that already exist on the Red Planet instead of relying on resupply ships full of food from Earth. The five major resources that Martian settlements would need to survive is energy, water, oxygen, construction material, and food.

The first four are potentially abundant on Mars. They will need to get creative on how to grow their own food. “Sergio’s chefs are hard at work to create food recipes that our Astronauts can produce on the extraterrestrial planet. We envision growing our food indoor under a thick layer of martial soil to protect the plants from radiation.

We will grow ingredients under artificial lighting and prioritize ingredients (such as potato, beans, peas, and even bugs) that can be grown and be stored for emergency rations”.

Sergio’s has provided a sample of the menu it is currently working on.

1. Beyond the Stars Empanada: Sergio’s Vegan Frita made with Beyond the Meat.

2. Astro Chick Empanadas: chickpeas, peas, spices, cooked with a tomato sauce base.

3. “Bean me up” Croquetas – made with potato, beans, and homemade cow-less bechamel sauce.

4. Chile Lime Cricket Tacos: chapulines oaxaca (crickets) tossed with a spice mix of chile-lime, placed on a bed of black hummus, and topped with pico de gallo.


Sergio’s artisan-style of cooking and recipe is the back bone for this celebrated restaurant chain and local favorite. Sergio’s has been noted and celebrated by several institutions; in 2017 Sergio’s was awarded “Restaurant of the Year” by Florida’s Professional Tourism.

Additionally, Travel and Leisure Magazine deemed Sergio’s Empanadas with the title of “Best Cheap Eats” for Florida, and Miami New Time ranked Sergio’s as one of “The Ten Best Croquetas in Miami” in 2018. In 2017, Sergio’s visited by Emeril Lagasse for an episode of his hit Cooking Channel show, “Emeril’s Florida.”


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