The Industrial Park of Doral Continues To Grow

Since 2020 more than 700 new companies have joined the Doral Industrial Park 


One of the industries that has joined our city is Noxtak, a company from Aruba that won an Edison Award in 2020 in recognition of one of its technology products.


By: Edda Pujadas

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Since March of 2020, more than 700 new companies have started operations in the Industrial Park of Doral, and many of these companies were already operating in our city. Now they are in search of larger spaces in order to expand and improve their operations.

Manuel Pila, Economic Developer for the City of Doral, informed us about this, and he has also expressed that he is pleased to state that these companies (both the new ones and the existing ones) are attracted to the quality warehouses, offices, and commercial spaces that our city offers. These provide easy access to the main highways of Miami Dade County, a variety of residential developments, good schools and parks, excellent restaurants and entertainment venues, and all within a clean and extremely safe suburban environment.

Pila explained that more than two hundred of these companies have their warehouses in the city of Doral, and the fields with more development are: light manufacturing, logistics, technology, health, and cosmetics. “Even when 2020 was a difficult year for everyone, there are plenty of companies that are still choosing Doral as their headquarters,” stated Pila.

In the technology field, Pila highlighted the arrival of Noxtak, a company from Aruba. Noxtak came to Doral thanks to our Sister Cities Program.

Noxtak is a green technology company that uses nanotechnology and environmental evaluations in order to develop clean solutions that contribute to the preservation of the environment and health. They are currently located at 2555 NW 102nd Avenue, in Doral.

Noxtak started as a scientific research project for the development of technologies that allowed for the permanent monitoring of electromagnetic environmental emissions. This will help in the creation of solutions that allow us to filtrate electromagnetic waves without blocking them and thus creating a new standard in green technologies.

This company has become very important because last year they won the Silver Prize on the 2020 Edison Awards, in the category of Science of Materials – Nanotechnology. This prize was awarded for the development of the SPIRO technology which effectively neutralizes the negative effects of the electromagnetic fields that are produced, for example, by smartphones.

It is important to mention that the Edison Awards are dedicated to recognizing and honor the excellence in innovation in a variety of categories since 1987.

Noxtax will be the protagonist of a PBS documentary called “Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid”. This documentary will focus in short shows dedicated to the education of the audience in the development of interesting and productive ideas. These short documentaries are geared towards developing and distributing social and educational programs with one thing in common: to change our lives for the better.

When referring to warehouses, Pila highlighted the sale of the PepsiCo land in Doral, which was sold for fifty-five million dollars. GLP Capital Partners, a logistics investments company headquartered in Santa Monica, purchased the old bottling plant to the Terra Development Group and the Terranova commercial property management company who had previously purchased the land in 2018 for forty million dollars.

The space occupies 23.7 acres on 7777 NW 41st Street and according to plans, a couple of warehouses with a total of forty-five thousand square feet will be habilitated. Considering the importance of e-commerce today, GLP Capital Partners is investing in storage buildings, being the former Pepsi Co plant the third warehouse of the company in Miami, after a sixteen million dollars purchase in 2020.

The cosmetics company Farmasi US, LLC is another leading company that decided to expand and create new jobs in Doral. Farmasi has more than 70 years of experience in the cosmetic and healthcare industry and they have one of the biggest integrated plants for the manufacture of cosmetics in the world. This plant is located in Istanbul, Turkey. As of today, they have manufactured and launched more than 2,000 products that are being distributed in more than 125 countries. Farmasi US is located at 2335 NW 107th Avenue, in Doral.

Biodiesel Las Americas also has its headquarters in Doral. Their goal is to be a model for the green energy industries in the state of Florida. The mission of Biodiesel Las Americas is to successfully introduce to the market a green energy product that will contribute to diversify its energetic matrix, protect the environment and assure sustainable economic transactions. They are located at 8815 NW 33rd Street, Suite 150, in Doral, Florida.

Converlogic is another of the important companies that have chosen Doral as their headquarters. Founded in 2012, Converlogic specializes in all IT platforms and intelligent boards and offers its clients personalized IT solutions. It is located at 2254 NW 93rd Avenue, Doral, Florida.

Diloren Composites is a manufacturer focused on components for the aerospace industry. They are actually working on the design, manufacturing, and testing of an electric propulsion plane made out of carbon fiber. They are located at 8800 NW 13th Terrace, Suite 103 in Doral, Florida.


Manuel Pila not only expressed his satisfaction for this industrial and commercial growth but also highlighted that the City of Doral is not stopping its efforts to promote the benefits of our area. The goals are to achieve the retention and expansion of the existent businesses and to continue building good relationships with the private sector and the national and international governmental agencies in order to attract new companies while promoting business education.



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