Doral Improving Its Roads

The City of Doral has projects to improve the roads in our jurisdiction; some have already been completed, and some are still in process.


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With an investment of more than $8 million, the City of Doral is improving our road infrastructure with the sole purpose of making the vehicular commute much smoother and making sure that our streets and roads are in optimal conditions.

Juan Carlos Bermudez, Mayor of the City Doral, informed us about this. He explained that little by little, the traffic has been normalizing, and the city’s streets need to be ready for this. “We had the opportunity to invest an important amount in projects, improving some of the city roads and the flood zones, and we are still working on several highway projects.”

Among the road projects that have been recently completed, we can highlight the installation of traffic lights along NW 74th street, in the intersection with NW 102nd Avenue and NW 97th Avenue. This project included the milling and resurfacing of intersections, striping & signage, and high emphasis crosswalks. This job had a cost of more than $2.1 million and was performed by JVA Engineering.

There were also traffic signals installed along NW 74th street at the intersection with NW 102nd Avenue and NW 97th Avenue. This project was finalized in October of 2020 and had a cost of $852,000. The street along NW 82nd Avenue, between NW 27th and NW 33rd streets, was widened. Continental Construction USA conducted these projects.

Mayor Bermudez also mentioned the widening of NW 82nd Avenue. This transformed a section of the street from a typical three-lane section to a five-lane typical section, providing a better commute in one of the city’s busiest streets. This project included new stormwater drainage, a new sidewalk, curb & gutter, striping, and new street lights.

At the end of 2020, the first phase of the improvement of several areas of sidewalks was finalized. With a total investment of more than $1.2 million, there were sidewalks and pedestrian ramps built along NW 115 Avenue, between NW 34th and NW 41st streets; also along NW 33rd street between NW 112th and NW 107th Avenue, NW 19th street between NW 107th and NW 97th Avenue, and NW 33rd street between NW 87th and NW 82nd Avenues; and on NW 30th Terrace from NW 87th Avenue all the way until NW 84th Avenue.

In recent times, there were also improvement works in the stormwater systems along NW 79th Avenue between NW 14th and NW 23rd Streets, these with investment above $150,000. The contractor for this project was Maggolc, a Miami company dedicated to construction and underground excavation.

Among the projects that are still undergoing, we can highlight the improvements to the streets along NW 41st street between NW 87th and NW 79th Avenues. These are expected to be finalized in the near future and have an approximate cost of $2.6 million dollars. The project includes the widening of a two-lane road to a 3-lane typical section, including new stormwater drainage, guardrail, curb & gutter, new sidewalks, new medians, and street lights. Bacallao Construction and Engineering, a company with a proven track record in Florida, is in charge of this project.

Improvements along NW 112 Avenue between NW 25th and NW 34th streets are almost done; these had an estimated investment of $1.7 million. This project includes widening from a 3-lane typical section to a 5-lane typical section, new stormwater drainage, new sidewalk, new shared-use path, curb & gutter, and street lights. Florida Engineering & Development, Corp is the contractor in charge of this project.

Bermudez indicated that one of the next goals regarding vehicular infrastructure is to work with the Miami Dade Transportation authorities in order to have NW 82nd Avenue opened, connecting Doral with the Miami Dade South. This opening will offer another way to come in and out of the city and alleviate in this way the traffic congestion, especially in peak hours.

“We are constantly verifying the status of the streets and analyzing the structural and financial possibilities that the city has in order to make reforms. We always have projects that we want to develop and that are tied to annual planning. Fortunately, the Federal Government has approved funds for the cities and counties to assist in issues such as traffic and the highways,” stated Mayor Bermudez.



One thought on “Doral Improving Its Roads

  • Many of the white dividing lines on the roads all over Miami are faded to the point they are gone which is a danger .

    Plenty once repainted look like the paint has been diluted 4 times over and how any city inspector signs off on this should be a crime .

    I emailed the last Mayor Gimenez on it , nothing was done and 2 months ago emailed Cava .

    Tearing up streets with never ending construction isn’t what is needed just paint over the white lines and yellow lines CORRECTLY , not diluted paint to the point that in every city outside of Miami it would be unacceptable , it would be a crime .

    My parents live further north in the state and what an unreal difference when streets there are paved , white lines painted there compared to the horrible diluted job done here .

    City inspectors there would be in jail but here it is normal .

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