“Affordable Integrated Accounting: within your reach”


herediaBy: Adriana Heredia


Accounting is the language of business and financial transactions, and in the US, it becomes crucial in every day financial decision-making activities, tax reporting compliance, and in the acquisition of personal and business credit.

contableNevertheless, accountants have always struggled to keep individuals and business owners, organized within a system that can be easily delegated to the individual business owner, supervised by the professionals and interpreted by those with advanced knowledge of accounting, tax and financial statements.

But new technologies arrived, and Quickbooks® has gone from zero to hero (almost 90% market share) and over the years Microsoft simplified the sharing of information in a digital way. Out of these advancements in technology, combined with our professional education and expertise, we have achieved a complete Integration of Accounting, Tax and Financial Reporting functions into the ideal financial system: Remote Books®.

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Disclosure: “The comments above by Adriana Heredia Lopez (Quickbooks® Proadvisor) do not consist of official consulting or advice, since every situation is different for every client. This opinion is based on general situations and topics and cannot be misconstrued as legal nor tax advice provided by Doral Family Journal”





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